• Willow Class

    This half term Willow class are off to the seaside as our topic is, ‘Who Lives In A Rock Pool?’. We are very excited about our forthcoming trip where we will get to observe some of the creatures in their simulated habitats. We will gather information and write our own fact files, based on comparing physical features, behaviour and diet. We will create our own rock pools to explore and then design our own rock pools in a jar!  Our Seaside shop will offer plenty of opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills as we purchase, shells, ice cream and postcards. In our outdoor area we will build sandcastles, create patterns and pictures from pebbles and play with beach balls. Oh we do love to be beside the seaside!

  • Chestnut Class 

    This half-term Chestnut class will be tiptoeing through the tulips as their senses discover blooming foliage and enchanting fragrances of flowers and herbs. In English children will drive their writing using their senses to encourage descriptions. Children will write a recount of their trip to Capel Manor Gardens, they will include descriptions of some of the sights, smells and textures that they experience. Taking a ride on our class Tardis children will take us on a magical journey through their writing, they will have to imagine what they might see, smell, taste, hear and feel on the way!

    Flowers and herbs have heavenly scents! In Art and D.T. we will be digging deeper into the astounding world of the scented garden. Using the marvellous properties of plants, flowers and herbs the children will be making their own fragrant products such as lavender play-doh, lemon and lavender biscuits and herby butter. What’s more the children will have the opportunity to use my favourite sense, taste, to help them in evaluating their work! In Humanities, Chestnut class will be exploring the country of Brazil and learning about one of the most famous scented gardens – The Amazon Rainforest!

    In Science, round and round the mulberry bush we go, planting bulbs and seeds, and then watch them grow beneath the sunshine and showers! Chestnut class will become apprentice gardeners this half term, looking at growing plants from bulbs and from seeds, learning the sequence of germination and comparing and contrasting the requirements of germinating seeds with those of mature plants to maintain healthy growth. Everyone in Monken Hadley School will be able to become a gardener after reading Chestnut class’ instruction manual for planting a seed, the children will even include information about the stages of germination.

    In RE we are developing our understanding of the special people in our lives and in our community. The children will use their religious enquiry skills to propose their own ideas and answers to a series of questions that encourage them to think about what makes a person special, what makes them special and who is special to them. With the use of Bible stories children will explore why Jesus is special to Christians.

  • Beech Class 

    Beech class will be going on a yummy journey of discovery with our new topic ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’, sampling fantastic fruits and tantalising treats.  In English we will be focussing on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. The children will explore narrative plot, settings and write newspaper reports. In Art and Design we’ll look closely at fruits, vegetables and sketch what we can see as well as making fruit sculptures inspired by the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldi. We’ll learn about the fascinating discoveries made by physicist James Lind and research the journey of the banana and learn about Fair Trade. In Science, we will learn about the processes of seed dispersal, pollination, fertilisation and germination and we will also research unusual plants. This term children will be learning to program with Scratch. They will be altering a character whilst making it move to a beat and they will add music to the sequence. In RE children will be exploring the question ‘Who is Jesus?’ They will learn about Jesus being the Bread of Life, the light of the world and His sacrifice, dying on the cross.

  • Cedar Class

    A bug, a creepy-crawly, a beast! He’ll tickle your skin then go for the sting! Arachnids, invertebrates, molluscs and myriapods, hiding in nooks and beneath darkened rocks…This term we will be turning to the wild side with our Beast Creator topic. We will be roaming around locating habitats and the mini beasts that live there. To encourage even more creatures into our school playground, we will be designing and building our very own Monkey Hadley Minibeast Hotel! In Geography, we will be finding out about some of the more deadly creatures located around the world, scary stuff! In English, children dig deeper and produce information texts on some unusual arachnids. They use the novel ‘Charlotte’s Web’ to explore characterisation, settings and emotions in novels. Get ready for the Cedar Production team as they produce stop motion animation in Computing. In RE, we will look at I am...’ statements in the New Testament and what they mean to Christians today. What a busy and exciting term we have ahead of us!

  • Oak Class 

    Oak class will be embarking on another busy term as the Year 6 children head off to Northamptonshire for School Journey, take part in the Micro-Marathon and prepare for the end of term production. Year 5 children also have a busy time ahead with Road Safety talks and a day at Totteridge Academy!  Our topic, Allotments, continues from last term but with an historical slant as we find out about William the Conqueror, the introduction of the feudal system in the UK and the change of land use since the Middle Ages. Science will see us continuing with our ‘Everything Changes’ topic and learning about how animals and plants evolve and change over time, how they are equipped to survive and how they have adapted to their environment. In Art, we will look at how nature is captured in various styles of painting and the children will produce their own painting based on the impressionist style. In RE, the children will be looking at who Jesus is by focusing on ‘I am...’ statements in the New Testament. They will discuss the meaning of these statements for Christians today. Finally, we will be explore and reflect upon how we learn and how the characteristics of different mindsets can affect our success.


Our aim at Monken Hadley is to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which engages children and stretches them to achieve all that they can. We follow the National Curriculum (2014) in all subject areas. In order to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum (2014) we use a range of resources and schemes of work to deliver interesting and engaging lessons. As our classes are mixed ages groups, parts of the curriculum are taught on a cycle to ensure that children do not repeat topic areas. Please refer to the curriculum maps for further details. Class overviews give a broad idea of what is covered each half term and below are the detailed maps for each subject as well as key information about the core subject areas. If you require any further information about our curriculum please contact the Headteacher through the school’s contact details.

Phonics- Phonics is taught daily in EYFS and Key Stage 1. We follow a synthetic programme for the teaching of phonics, using 'Letters and Sounds'. This is supplemented with a range of interactive resources. 

Reading Schemes
For early readers the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme is used predominantly in EYFS and Key Stage 1. When children become more confident, this scheme is supplemented with chapter books and a range of wider texts.

Spellings rules are taught weekly and spelling rules plus key spelling words are sent home each week. We ensure that all the Spelling requirements as set out in the National Curriculum (2014) are covered for each phase.

The Maths calculation policy is available on our website. This illustrates to parents the steps of progression in maths and the methods we  use to teach each calculation strategy.

Religious Education
As a Church of England Voluntary Aided School, Religious Education is treated as a core subject. At Monken Hadley we follow the LDBS Scheme of Work. This is supplemented with additional resources.

Our Curiosity Curriculum
In the afternoons all children across the school follow our Curiosity Curriculum timetable; covering aspects such as Philosophy for Children, Thinking Skills, a deep exploration of the Arts, Humanities and Sciences.  This creative curriculum approaches aspects of study through a thematic approach enabling pupils to not only see connections between subjects but also links across periods in history, populations and beliefs. Essentially therefore, we want this creative approach to the curriculum to develop children’s innate sense of curiosity and for this purpose the ‘creative curriculum’ at Monken Hadley is called the ‘Curiosity Curriculum’.

The Curiosity Curriculum largely follows the published Cornerstones curriculum and themed programmes of study this half term are: Willow class - Why do zebras have stripes?; Chestnut class - Street Detectives; Beech class – I am Warrior!; Cedar class – The Blue Abyss and Oak class – Hola Mexico!



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