Monken Hadley CE Primary School


Start of the day

Monken Hadley operates a soft start in the morning. This means children can start coming into class from 8.35am.  The gates close at 8.45am when the register is taken.  It is really important  that your child is in school in time for registration at 8.45 am. Children who arrive from 8.35 will complete early morning work set by the teacher.  Being punctual for school is not only a life skill, but the mornings are a key time where the teachers explain the day ahead and share any key information.

End of the day

School finishes at 3:15pm

Total Time in School

The total time in school in a typical week is 32.5 hours


If your child is absent please call the school office before 8:50am and notify them. If your child is ill the office will ask for more information with regards to the symptoms of your child's illness.

Please note the school will not authorise absence for holidays. 

More information regarding attendance can be found in our parent handbook.

School Closure due to Snow