Monken Hadley CE Primary School

Disability Access Statement

With the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in October 2005, Monken Hadley Primary School, in common with all premises offering access to the Public in England and Wales, assumed a mandatory obligation to provide easy access to all parts of its premises for people with Disabilities, wherever reasonably practicable.


The Act recognises however, that full access is not always reasonably achievable in older existing buildings, and therefore states that in these cases people with disabilities should be able to gain easy access into the premises and that the services they require should be made available to them in close proximity to their entry point.


Monken Hadley is a one storey building with  classes on the ground floor. It is an old building. Access throughout the building has been considered for disability needs; all doorways and all halls are wide to allow mobility chair access.   


Fire Muster Point: These areas are fully accessible.