Monken Hadley CE Primary School

Collective Worship

Our school has a strong Christian ethos, placing emphasis on teaching children to appreciate values such as love and respect for one another, service, encouragement, equality and forgiveness.  Through our times of worship, we provide opportunities for children and staff to reflect on many aspects of Christianity as well as exploring views of other World religions. Our regular collective worship services reflect this diversity as do our regular church services. From time-to-time, we welcome visitors from other local churches and the theological college to join and lead our worships.

Aside from our daily acts of worship, we also have regular services at St Mary’s Church led by the Church; the rector of St Mary’s Church is Dr Thomas Rentz and leads weekly whole school service.  Worship also takes place in class through daily prayers. 

Monken Hadley School prayer.

God of Light and Love,

You are the Giver of all that is good,

the Teacher of all that is true,

and the Lord who will make all things right:

teach us to seek what is good, treasure what is true and do what is right

that we and all your creation may flourish and live together in peace,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


 Daily Collective Worship Termly Overview

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