Seek what is good, treasure what is true, do what is right

Growing as learning community through Joshua 1:9, we endeavour to seek what is good, treasure what is true, and do what is right. Rooted in our Christian understanding of who we are before God, we strive to be fearless advocates of this, dedicated to service and the flourishing of peace.






Dear Community,

The school will be closed from Monday 23rd November 2020 and will reopen for all pupils on Friday 4th December 2020

If you have any queries in the meantime please contact the school via the school e-mail address.

0208 449 0989



Monken Hadley Church of England primary school is a place where you meet inquisitive, young learners within a unique setting, surrounded by woodland and common. With a rich history and strong community links, we endeavour to provide a wealth of opportunities for all our children.  Underpinning all that we do is our Christian faith and commitment to meeting our pupils’ needs in this safe learning environment. 

Our children are joyful risk takers, curious learners, intelligent thinkers, polite servants who support and are supported by one another in faith and friendship.

As an inclusive community, we share the responsibility of nurturing our independent learners who, through their experiences here at Monken Hadley, can flourish and achieve their full potential. In doing this, we are preparing our children for their future roles within this changing world.



Anthony David (Executive Head)  Julie Eyres (Head of School)
Monken Hadley CE Primary School