• Willow Class

    In our final half-term, the children will be utilising their reading and writing skills that they have built up over the year. As children prepare to move up through the school it is important that they leave Willow Class with the ability and confidence to be competent readers and writers. Using a variety of texts, from letters to poems to non-fiction texts, children will understand the key features of different styles of writing. They will have the opportunity to explore the features of these texts through writing their own letters, collaborating with their peers to create performances, and using multi-media to research and create information leaflets.

    In RE this half term Willow Class will be reflecting upon ‘Who Made the Wonderful World? (Creation)’. The unit aims to teach children both about and from religion. The children will be learning about The Bible and what Christians believe about creation, at the same time as, developing a sense of ‘awe and wonder’ about the world. Willow Class will discuss the concepts of what is valuable and precious, linking them to their own ideas and experiences. The children will have opportunities to reflect and evaluate their attitudes and behaviour towards the natural world and their care towards creation.

    In the Curiosity Curriculum the children will be exploring farm life. This is a topic with rich resources for talking about caring for the environment, animals and for ourselves. Looking at farms that grow crops and vegetables extend the possibilities of this topic and allows for lots of fun with painting, growing and cooking, three out of many of the activities the children are sure to enjoy this half-term! In Design and Technology, the children will be learning about the importance of farmers looking after the animals, countryside and maintaining safety, this will provide scope and meaning for the children to create posters that encourage farmers to look after their animals, make their own omelettes and design and make their own moving tractor! Closely linked to our topic, Geography this half-term will focus on building upon children’s knowledge of plants and growing.

  • Chestnut Class 


    This term Chestnut class will be getting messy as our topic is ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’.  We will be reading the book ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and writing our own descriptions of some of Roald Dahl’s interesting characters.  As part of our English work we will be creating some marvellous medicines of our own and writing instructions for how to create them. 

    In Science we will be learning all about plants.  We will visit the Common to find out the types of plants and trees which grow there, learn about the stages in their life cycles and even compete to grow the tallest sunflower! In Computing we will be learning how to use the program Photostory to create movies by importing pictures and adding effects.  Now that spring is really in the air we will be singing and composing songs all to do with the weather during our Music sessions. 

    In Art, we will be experimenting with marbling techniques, creating abstract paintings in the style of Kurt Swchwitters and visiting the Common to create natural collage artwork using found items. In History, we will be looking at the history of medicine starting with the Tudors, then the Victorians and comparing it to modern day techniques. We will look at the lives of two inspirational women, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.

    In the second half of the term, as part of our Design Technology topic, we will look at playgrounds and how they are constructed and create our own model of our favourite playground equipment. In Geography, we will continue our weather theme by looking at the UK’S weather, how and why it varies and then compare it to Tromso, Norway and Singapore.

    In RE the children will develop their understanding of why Jesus is special to Christians and end the year looking at the making of our wonderful world.


  • Beech Class 

    Our summer topic this term is ‘Mighty Metals’. In Science we will exploring the scientific world of Forces and Magnetism. In English we will be keeping with the Mighty Metals theme when we study ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We will also be focussing on persuasive writing, shape poems and writing plays. In D & T we will be designing and making the Iron Man’s Companion using recycled materials. For Music the children will be creating their own band based on the percussion group ‘Stomp’ it will be a metal music extravaganza!! In Humanities we will be researching the capital city of France and looking at key physical and human features in Europe.  Our focus in R.E will be Rules and how these help us to lead better lives. We will be looking at rules in The Bible and also in other religions.


  • Cedar Class

    It may be our last half term in Cedar Class yet it is another busy and exciting one! Each week we will be out of the classroom enjoying our beautiful surroundings and developing our team working skills as we participate in Forest School. In Religious Studies, we will consider the faiths and beliefs in our local community and how these have changed over time. For our topic, this term we continue to learn about the ancient civilisation of the Shang Dynasty. As part of our Chinese Celebration day, we will explore our artistic side by creating our own miniature Chinese gardens, complete with pagodas. Hopefully the sun will shine and the wind will blow so we can enjoy flying our Chinese kites too. In English, we continue reading The Hobbit by J R Tolkin, where we will be writing our own stories using techniques and vocabulary inspired from the original text. We will also have a poetry focus, where we will can explore the use of description and imagery. In Science, through a variety of practical experiments, Cedar class will discover how new materials are formed and investigate the effect of oxidation on metals. Watch out, as in Computing we will be going new age when Cedar class write and produce their own podcast.  The year culminates with Sports Day and a Pizza Party on the common!

  • Oak Class 

    Another busy term for Oak Class is upon us!  There are many exciting things happening this term - some for all of Oak Class and some for our soon-to-be leavers. Along with SATs, School Journey, the Mini -Marathon, the WE project fundraiser, the end of year production and Pizza Party on the Common we still need to fit in lots of work!

    This term’s exciting topic is ID - our identity.  Children will find out what makes them unique and how our unique features can tell us apart from others. In English we will be writing balanced and persuasive arguments about our likes and dislikes and writing exciting reports about the local area and our community. In Humanities, the children will be looking at how Barnet has developed from its original settlement, how its climate compares to other climates and what it is like to be part of the Barnet community. Art and DT sees the children creating their own clothing designs which reflect their identities and looking at using photographic techniques to produce a portrait. Science will delve into evolution and adaptation, looking at how animals have adapted over time and what parents pass on to their offspring. In Religious Studies we will be looking at rules of communities and what it means to belong to a faith community in terms of rules and responsibilities.  A busy, fun term ahead!


Our aim at Monken Hadley is to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which engages children and stretches them to achieve all that they can. We follow the National Curriculum (2014) in all subject areas. In order to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum (2014) we use a range of resources and schemes of work to deliver interesting and engaging lessons. As our classes are mixed ages groups, parts of the curriculum are taught on a cycle to ensure that children do not repeat topic areas. Please refer to the curriculum maps for further details. Class overviews give a broad idea of what is covered each half term and below are the detailed maps for each subject as well as key information about the core subject areas. If you require any further information about our curriculum please contact the Headteacher through the school’s contact details.

Phonics- Phonics is taught daily in EYFS and Key Stage 1. We follow a synthetic programme for the teaching of phonics, using 'Letters and Sounds'. This is supplemented with a range of interactive resources. 

Reading Schemes
For early readers the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme is used predominantly in EYFS and Key Stage 1. When children become more confident, this scheme is supplemented with chapter books and a range of wider texts.

Spellings rules are taught weekly and spelling rules plus key spelling words are sent home each week. We ensure that all the Spelling requirements as set out in the National Curriculum (2014) are covered for each phase.

The Maths calculation policy is available on our website. This illustrates to parents the steps of progression in maths and the methods we  use to teach each calculation strategy.

Religious Education
As a Church of England Voluntary Aided School, Religious Education is treated as a core subject. At Monken Hadley we follow the LDBS Scheme of Work. This is supplemented with additional resources.

Our Curiosity Curriculum
In the afternoons all children across the school follow our Curiosity Curriculum timetable; covering aspects such as Philosophy for Children, Thinking Skills, a deep exploration of the Arts, Humanities and Sciences.  This creative curriculum approaches aspects of study through a thematic approach enabling pupils to not only see connections between subjects but also links across periods in history, populations and beliefs. Essentially therefore, we want this creative approach to the curriculum to develop children’s innate sense of curiosity and for this purpose the ‘creative curriculum’ at Monken Hadley is called the ‘Curiosity Curriculum’.

The Curiosity Curriculum largely follows the published Cornerstones curriculum and themed programmes of study this half term are: Willow class - Why are carrots orange?; Chestnut class - Muck, Mess and Mixtures; Beech class – Mighty Metals; Cedar class – The Shang Dynasty and Oak class – ID



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